Animal Healing Sessions:

Distance Healing and Animals:

Animals are highly receptive to all energy both in-person and distance healings. Each animal has an energy system, including chakras, just like human beings. Often very sensitive, animals respond to the world around them from a place of energy. It is most apparent in wild animals as they rely on a heightened sense of awareness for survival, food, and mating.

Although animals display emotions such as joy and fear among others, they do not store the residue from life experiences as deeply in their systems as people. As a result, healing often occurs more quickly and with greater ease. Fewer sessions or deeper change is usually noted. Also, an animal does not have to be "sick or ill" to benefit from a distance healing session this type of healing can also aid in anxiety disorders and many types of stress by helping to release these emotions.

Animals discharge or release energy in several ways, most often through movement, such as changing a position or walking away. An animal may also vocalize (bark, etc.) or dig/scratch. Because most animals respond best in a familiar environment, we suggest distance work. Even a calm, well-adjusted animal will have added stress to his or her system by traveling to an office with new smells, etc. Time is then needed to develop trust and put the animal at ease. During distance work, animals often take in the energy that is offered in a deeper way.

A stressed animal will often receive the energy more fully in their own home.

As many animal lovers will attest, animals may at times be our greatest teachers. They demonstrate unconditional love; can teach us about patience, partnership and many other things. Some incredible stories of animals saving the lives of their owners with heart attacks, seizures and other health conditions have been reported. Of course they can also teach us about healing.

Through animal distance healing, we can actually accelerate your pets own natural healing processes, ease their pain, reduce stress, and improve or help to continue their quality of life. Animals love receiving the warm vibrations of energy healing and benefit greatly from it.

Energy Healing has been successfully used for many years for Animal Healing and with such great results. Whether you have a beloved cat or dog, a horse, cow, bird - it makes no difference what your animal is.......Energy Works!

Animals do not need to be living locally to receive Healing Energy. They can be on the other side of the World - it makes no difference. This is true also for Personal Healing, for yourself or other people - the Energy can be directed anywhere. As sentient beings, animals respond so positively and openly to Energy Healing on all levels. They have a built-in 'knowing' or 'awareness' of what is right for them.

Emotional traumas or issues can be stored at the cellular memory level. This is ok, as we are all sentient beings and emotions are part of our day to day living. However, if an imbalance occurs, it can trigger these emotional memories and they may become out of sync, thus creating illness, behavioral issues, or self sabotage, etc.

Animals do not allow their 'heads' to get in the way of their healing process - unlike some of us! They can often see the bigger picture, and just want the ability to heal and move on - life is for living is it not? Many behavioral issues experienced by our animals, horses and pets can be addressed at the time of Healing. From the physical, as in soft tissue injury or accident, to emotional healing from trauma or past memories, to sickness and age related issues, as well as stress of their environment or situations.

My belief is that most behavioral and physical issues are the result of emotional issues. Our animals do feel pain, hurt, grief, and anger-- just like we do! Why should they be different? Our animals can sometimes even reflect back what may be happening in our own lives, their environment, or even the lives of those close to them, human or other animal!

Animals can also be Healers themselves. It is not uncommon for an animal to share the pain and stress of their loved ones around them, and some will even purposely take on 'stuff' that isn't theirs, in the attempt to help heal others. Very special indeed. Animals are also great mirrors, often reflecting back to us when there is disharmony within their environment.

After a session, we can often actually 'see' the changes in our animals after they have received healing. It may be the obvious such as the wound or injury is healed - however, there are always other subtle changes that can be seen. If they have received healing for an emotional issue(s), you may 'see' that they change physically too.

For your horse, they may start to 'round out' in the parts of their body that you have been working hard to get this same result. There is often a flow effect from their healings; and certainly a sense of contentment that their needs are been met.

Energy Healing is effective either hands on, in the presence of the animal, or remotely. All of these modalities are very successful. The majority of my animal healing work is now done remotely. This allows the animal to feel safe and relaxed in their environment, with no distractions. This also allows me easy access to their emotional level, as well as their full body, without distractions or interference. It allows good communication on all levels with your animal, not just the conscious level. This form of healing is excellent for very timid, sensitive, or aggressive animals. No animal is too small, too large, or too far away to receive healing!

If you watch your animal during a Remote Healing session, you will often notice a subtle change in their demeanor during the Healing time. It is often very pleasurable for them at this time as well. You may notice that they sleep more after a session, whether it be an on-site or remote session, or they may become more active. This change really is unique to the specific animal and their personal character. During this healing session your animal will take just what they are in need of at that particular time. Like people, animals are very individual, and each will respond distinctively.

The Path to Health:

Your beloved animal companion is a part of your family and you want the best for them. When they are not well and happy, you may feel helpless and uncertain about what to do. Elizabeth's clients often find themselves in these common situations:

Treatments such as drugs, surgery or alternative methods are not working. Something is wrong, and the vet is not able to help. Test results are negative, but you know something isn't right.

As a Healer, Elizabeth helps animals regain emotional and physical health. Many of her cases are with animals suffering from severe and chronic conditions. This effective, noninvasive approach is appreciated by clients and their animals all across the United States, Canada and Europe.

The list is endless as to the situations that Energy Healing can assist with; here is a list of some:
  • Heart
  • Hepatitis
  • Kidney disease
  • Arthritis
  • Seizures
  • Irritable bowel
  • Deafness
  • Thyroid
  • Urinary infections
  • Incontinence
  • Allergies
  • Diabetes
  • Pancreatitis
  • Asthma
  • Ulcers
  • Ear/eye conditions
  • Narcolepsy
  • Lyme disease
  • Ligament tear
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Behavioral/emotional conditions such as: Litter box issues, Aggression, Fears, Depression, Anxiety, & Separation anxiety.

How does an Animal Healing Session work?

Can you help my animal if I live outside of Maryland?

If you live outside of Maryland a distance session is the easiest way for me to provide healing services to you. Healing is not limited by time and space as we know it. I do many long distance sessions with dogs, cats and horses; all with equally amazing results. I also conduct phone/distance sessions with clients that live within Maryland during emergency situations.

Would you come to my house to help my animal?

I am located in Maryland and regularly travel within the local areas for in-person healing sessions, if you would like to meet in person, or you have animal that is unable to travel to me.

What occurs during a healing session?

Phone/Distance sessions begin with a conversation between the animal caretaker and Elizabeth. We will review your animal's current issues or your concerns and discuss anything additional that you would like to share. After our initial conversation ends, we will hang up and the healing on your animal will begin. I require that the owner is present with the animal during the session; being somewhere in the same house or apartment is fine.

Animals often lie down to sleep during the healing, typically near or next to their owners. This is an opportunity for you, as well as your animal, to sit quietly enjoy the benefits of the healing energy. Sometimes the animal will get up and move around in response to the opening of energetic blocks or the healing of energy lesions within their body. This behavior is fine too, for the animal knows exactly what is needed to allow the powerful energy to flow through and support their healing. After the session is done, I call the owner and debrief them about what has transpired.

If the session is in person, the process is the same with the added level of physical communication. When we are together physically, the animal will guide my hands to where they experience blocks in their energy flow and the corresponding pain in their body. I then touch these areas and encourage them to surrender to an energetic release.

Either type of session facilitates healing and the release of stagnant energy, allowing energy to re-enter and flow through the body in harmony and balance once again. This results in a clear, centered and more unified field of energy throughout the entire body. Your animal's healing session will create positive change within your pet: emotionally, mentally and physically. Results of the healing include, and are not limited to: improved digestion, a sweeter disposition, improvement in medical and blood test results, overcoming illness, reduction or removal of pain and improved mobility. You will have a happier, healthier companion.

Can you communicate with my animal during the session?

Communication with animals naturally occurs during the healing sessions. My intent is to assist the animal to heal and to enrich the relationship between the animal and their owner. Any communication I receive is in relation to the healing process and in support of the animal's health. Often, people have specific questions they would like me to ask their animal--this is fine, I am happy to help in this way as well.

What happens after a session?
Healing energy continues to support the natural capacity for healing within the animal even after the session is completed. You will see additional positive shifts for days, weeks, even months afterwards. I remain available via email or phone after the session and encourage my clients to keep in touch with me about their animal's progress.

Please note – Energy Healing should not replace your current Medication or Treatment(s). Please consult your Veterinary Practitioner if you should have any concerns.