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White Lotus Holistics® SOULSession- 

Vibrational ENERGY Healing Service

SOUL Sessions 1:1 with Elizabeth is a therapeutic intuitive session where we bring the body, mind, + SPIRIT into a state of harmony and balance using:

Vibrational Chakra & Crystal Energy Therapy, Shamanic SOUL Journey, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato Emotional Release,  Ayurveda, Coaching, Medical Intuitive Consultation, or Combination

Your Vibrational Energy Healing SOUL session includes:

  • 75-90 minute vibrational energy healing, clearing, and balancing.
  • Personalized crystal recommendations and energy meditation ritual with reference material suggestion based on our session.
  • Single tarot or oracle card pull for further guidance from Spirit.
  • Follow-up note/email with everything we discussed and optional recording of our session.
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White Lotus Holistics®

Energy Meditation

White Lotus Holistics® Meditation is a simple tool and effortless daily practice that absolutely anyone can learn.

This vibrational energy healing meditation technique literally changed my life, and in my experience offers a solid foundation upon which to traverse this spiritual path. SRM Meditation enables your mind to reboot while dissolved stress and fatigue in the body. A grounding daily practice which helps you become more calm, creative + confident… giving you the ability to really enjoy life and all it has to offer, without getting stressed.

  • Begin to rewire and reprogram your thinking with new, powerful, positive beliefs, and habits.  Through systematic deep relaxation you have direct access to your subconscious to touch your own excellence and power that has been repressed.
  • Learn this sacred grounding technique where we will call your power back to you + you are guided to embrace your divine essence.
  • My signature SRM Meditation process will help you achieve the next level of fulfillment and success, fast.
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Healing + Therapeutic Crystal Service

White Lotus Holistics® Vibrational Healing Crystal Service

Your Healing Crystal Therapy session includes:

I translate not only the energetic language in your field, but the information and guidance Spirit, my guides, and YOUR guides are bringing forth for you to know about your unique energy.

  • Enhance your self-healing abilities, raise your vibrational frequency, heighten spiritual growth, and open yourself up to emotional clearing with a Vibrational Healing Crystal Energy  Session.

  • This deeply relaxing experience can also improve sleep, relieve pain, and assist in detoxification throughout the body while supporting the immune system.


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Let Others Inspire You.

"Working with Elizabeth is benefiting me in so many ways!
She has completely balanced my physical energy. I typically would fluctuate between very high and very low energy days crashing every evening into a depressed mood. After just three sessions I have energy every day for all that I want to accomplish, even well into the evening.
Elizabeth is an extraordinary healer! I feel healthier— my allergies and physical ailments have calmed. I am emotionally stronger and more joyful. My meditation practice is deeper, and I feel more grounded. My spirit is soaring!"

Anne Johns

"I sought Elizabeth's expertise in cranial sacral therapy during a time of on-going, long-term health challenges which had me spiraled out of balance mentally, physically, and spiritually. What I thought would be only a few cranial sacral sessions turned into several months of Elizabeth working with me in multiple ways. Every session left me feeling lifted and better equipped to move forward. Elizabeth's enlightened insight, skilled practice, and tools to move forward have proven invaluable as my healing journey continues. To say I am truly thankful does not begin to express my gratitude."

Roxie Marx
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