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WHITE LOTUS ::: Grounding Meditation + Energy Transmission

Wednesday, April 24th 2024 (5:30-6:30p)
Wednesday, May 8th 2024 (5:30-6:30p)

Spiral Resonance Method™ Meditation is a simple and effortless daily practice that absolutely anyone can learn.

This technique literally changed my life, and in my experience offers a solid foundation upon which to traverse this spiritual path. SRM Meditation enables your mind to reboot while dissolved stress and fatigue in the body. A grounding daily practice which helps you become more calm, creative + confident… giving you the ability to really enjoy life and all it has to offer, without getting stressed.

Message Elizabeth directly to register, spots are limited.


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WHITE LOTUS ::: Grounding Flow Yoga

Wednesday, April 17th 2024 (11:30-12:30p)
Wednesday, May 1st 2024 (11:30-12:30p)

Flow & Yin is a sweet blend of flow and yin. About 3/4 of the class uses a breath-based vinyasa flow to build strength and flexibility, challenging your balance and concentration, and harnessing that energy to promote inner stillness and peace. The other quarter of class finds you down on the mat holding yin poses for longer periods of time, targeting the connective tissues of the body to help release deeply stored tension. The two styles together are amazingly transformative.

Practicing yoga since she was 11 years old and teaching since 2014; Elizabeth's yoga is a blended approach, taking concepts from her studies that formally began with training in Asheville, North Carolina under Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center. She enjoys using yoga classes, workshops, and trainings to create a space for people to release stress and tension and tap into deep inner knowing. Elizabeth hopes to guide others in the transformative qualities of yoga and pure intention. The ability to be present in the moment is a beautiful gift from yoga, and she hopes others will share in that gift.  Elizabeth instructs with a style which blends intuitive flow and attention to detail; a combination informed by her background in Ashtanga, 26+2, Iyengar, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, as well as body, breath, and energy work. She incorporates pranayama, meditation, world music with tribal beats, therapeutic and yin yoga, and yoga philosophy into each class, and is excited to share the gift of yoga’s teachings with her clients on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

This class is instructed by Elizabeth Gere, M.A., CAP, E-RYT 500. Elizabeth is the Founder of White Lotus Holistics®.
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WHITE LOTUS ::: USUI REIKI Certification Classes Level I-Master

REIKI LEVEL I: Sunday August 20, 2023
REIKI LEVEL II: Sunday September 3, 2023 
All Reiki classes include class manual and certification through White Lotus Holistics®. Initiations are given privately with Reiki Master Elizabeth Bohaker. Students experience both giving and receiving complete Reiki healings and are empowered to use Reiki on themselves and others immediately following the training. Classes are small so that students receive adequate attention and practice time.

Message Elizabeth directly to register.

Enrolling now for SP 2024 REIKI (all levels)

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NEW Podcast Episodes

MAY Thursday, 5.16 + 5.30, 2024
JUNE Thursday, 6.13 + 6.27, 2024

Welcome to SAPPHIRE + SOUL! We talk all things spirituality, mind, body + space wellness, and how to manifest a life of bliss that your soul was destined to live. Elizabeth brings her trademark depth+presence to weekly sit-downs with spiritual entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders in a format that encourages conscious introspection and self-reflection. This is a space dedicated to illuminating the often unseen aspects of wellness, intuitive + conscious business, and beyond. We’ll be on air with special guests engaging in deep conversations, riffing on all things mysticism and intuition, and providing practical information to help you connect with your most intuitive self.

The conversations here strive to develop interconnectedness, gratitude, peacefulness, and ultimately the manifestation of a life you truly love and want to live.


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Let Others Inspire You.

"Working with Elizabeth has been such a positive experience. Elizabeth is truly gifted in energy work and has the most amazing, loving, kind soul. Reiki has helped me to come off of all medications, reduced my migraines and improved my sleeping patterns. The session that sticks out the most for me and was the most helpful is by far the session the day after I had surgery. I was feeling awful, sluggish and sore. The next day I was able to get up, move around almost like normal and even take my kids to an outdoor activity. It was remarkable! I would highly suggest and recommend Elizabeth to anyone looking to improve their quality of life and overall well-being 💜."


"Elizabeth is an incredibly skilled, kind and intuitive healer. I’ve always been very impressed after each visit with her. She often will share details with me after a session of things about myself that only I know. I am convinced she is magic. Not only that, I feel exceptional after every visit. Her space is a safe space and her energy is very calming. I highly recommend her services to everyone!"

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New Moon Magic

Jan 03, 2023

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